Vitality Investment Focus

Vitality Investment Focus

We invest in the enablers of digital commerce – We believe that every part of the commerce process in all industries will eventually be digitized. 

Technologies that improve the customer experience

Technologies that increase efficiencies between a seller and buyer

Technologies that enable product discovery

Our focus is on B2B businesses that are transforming the commerce transaction in various verticals. We are looking for the technologies that improves the customer experience, increase efficiencies in the operations of a seller, or provides sellers a greater access and advantage in selling to customers. We define digital commerce in a broad sense to allow ourselves the opportunity to invest in technology disrupting the whole customer journey within the commerce transaction. Whether you are a business transforming the archaic shopping experience or digitizing the customer purchase in the industrial sector, you could be a fit to our portfolio. We like entrepreneurs that understand the problems of the industry they are seeking to improve and have a vision for where they want to take the industry towards.

Industries of focus – we will invest in businesses focusing on any industry or vertical seeking to rewrite the commerce process. 

Areas of focus – we are looking to digitize the whole commerce flow from the beginning point of product discovery down to the delivery of the end product to the customer. 

Stage of focus – we will come in as early as your angel round, co-invest in pre-seed and seed rounds and follow-up in future financing from our capital reserve. 

Why is it a good time to invest in digital commerce? 

There has never been a bad time to bet on commerce technology but we believe that commerce has never been in a better position to take advantage of market dynamics. In our current environment, opportunities are presented through the following forces: looming threat of Amazon, transformation of physical retail, struggle for relevance on the internet, and ongoing opportunities to bring offline industries online. 

Technology in commerce has become accessible for traditional industries that had been previously ignored, cost of technology has decreased and applications have increased. Tools to improve the customer experience, supply chain and payment solutions were once available only to enterprise businesses that could afford to develop these technologies. The very same tools are now available to the majority of SMB’s to run their business, grow and compete with their larger counterparts. Broad and inexpensive API, cloud software and SAAS applications have enabled businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs access to technology, information and customers on a global scale. Opportunities to digitize the customer experience will continue to grow as a greater number of verticals come online. 

How do we add value as digital commerce investors?

We are looking to build an ecosystem of enablers that can rely on the experiences and network of our portfolio companies and fund partners. From access to support services, growth, marketing and sales experts, and introductions to customers, we aim to accelerate the growth of our investments with relevant industry expertise and connections. 

We are investors and entrepreneurs who have built and invested in digital commerce businesses and have seen the potential and value generated by such companies. We understand that early stage companies require more than capital from investors. They require the right mentorship, introductions, and strategic guidance at pivotal moments in their business. 



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