At Vitality Capital we believe in the potential of immensely passionate people. We empower companies to achieve their vision by investing long-term capital on behalf of a limited number of significant high-net-worth individual investors and family offices.

We invest in the enablers of digital commerce - We believe that every part of the commerce process in all industries will eventually be digitized. Technologies that improve the

In 2016, Vitality Capital was formed with a mission to identify and support entrepreneurs who share a similar drive to build and succceed. Joining alongside the team to


Vitality Venture Fund

This fund invests as a participant in syndicated deals at the Angel - Series A stage. We are focused on entities with a head office inside the Greater Toronto Area so that we can work on a face-to-face basis with founders. We have a focus on businesses enabling digital commerce in the e-commerce, physical retail, and B2B commerce.

Vitality Opportunity Fund

Our secondary fund is an opportunity fund making significant minority or joint-venture equity investments into high-quality companies for growth initiatives. Target investment amount for the fund is up to $10m per portfolio company, but we are flexible in terms of size and we are able to execute larger transactions if necessary.


Our leadership team identifies business leaders who understand both themselves and their opportunity, have taken steps to prove their concept, and now need capital to grow. We look for these 5 qualities in our dreamers:


    Your vision is clear and valuable; something that grand must be driven to completion.


    Our goals is to be long-term partners in sustainable companies. We invest time into honest entrepreneurs who care about the people and environment around them.


    We empower teams who share our vision of sustainable profitability. Shortcuts in execution, quality or safety are never the solution.


    We understand the drive to build and to lead. We want to help you realize your maximum potential and help you empower your team to create the most sustainable business possible.


    We get it all: sacrifice, passion, desire, risk and fear. And we believe in our entrepreneurs - they will win.


Our investment capital is sourced from high-net-worth families as well as individuals that are successful entrepreneurs, executives and investors who have skillfully operated leading companies in a variety of industries. Our investors bring extensive inventor experience from around the world.


Gershon Hurwen, CPA CA, CA (SA).

Managing Partner

As founder and managing partner, Gershon is a passionate investor with 18+ years of broad business experience in companies of all sizes. He has successfully combined his notable financial literacy with his natural entrepreneurial flair to establish a proven track record of supporting management teams in delivering stable growth in diversified industries and geographies.


Victor Lei


Victor is an associate of Vitality’s investment team. Previously, he transitioned into Loyalty Markets (a Vitality company) to assist in the turnaround and transition into the growth phase of the company.



Operating and growing a business can be a daunting task, one that we have been through multiple times and know well. We find that we can often make a meaningful difference with our probing questions, financial acumen and analytical approach and we look for situations where this makes us a good compliment to the management team.


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