This fund acts as either the lead investor in or a participant in syndicate/angel funded deals at the seed stage. In addition to funding, we provide access to a vast network of people and knowledge to help young technology companies succeed in all required areas. We are focused on entities with a head office inside the Greater Toronto Area so that we can work on a face to face basis with founders.

Businesses should meet the following criteria:

Founder Criteria

• Dynamic, curious and intelligent team.

• Passionate and self-motivated entrepreneurs.

• Coachable and humble individuals seeking to consult on strategy and implementation.

• Focused on building a viable long-term business and not on the “next raise”.

Business Criteria

• Culture of honesty and integrity.

• High growth potential internationally with a particular focus on the USA.

• Sustainable competitive advantage with differential intellectual property.

• Model built on predictable and recurring SAAS “non-advertising” revenue.

Industry Criteria

• Only invest in B2B business models.

• Preference for E-Commerce support providers with focus areas such as:

Supply Chain, Shipping, Marketing, Customer Service/Support, Return Management, UpSelling, Security, OmniChannel Sales, Online Payment, Mobile, Point of Sale, Sourcing and Loyalty.


Financial Guideline

• A minimum of $10k of Monthly Recurring Revenue.

We co-operate with various incubators and angel networks and will participate alongside like-minded partners. Please contact us if you have an opportunity you believe fits our criteria.